Impeachment is not Enough

At this point, if Trump is impeached he will not be convicted in the Senate, which is required if we are to remove the liar-in-chief from office. We need about 20 GOP Senators for conviction for a trial after Trump is impeached.

Although it’s possible Republicans will turn on the president in enough numbers to force Trump from office, it is unlikely at this point. We need to put pressure on the politicians to do the right thing. And that would require massive protests.

Are we up to that? Will we accept the challenge. The Puerto Ricans did it. It’s happening in Hong Kong. We The People must not sit back and wait on the politicians. That is what we did with the Mueller investigation, a vast waste of time. Nor can we trust the press/media. They’ve been normalizing Trump’s crimes for 3+ years since he starting running for president and until recently.

We can only trust ourselves. #MarchontheWhiteHouse

He could get out of it. Democrats seem intimidated by GOP thuggery.

Trump has threatened a civil war as way of surviving. He knows he will go jailed if removed from office or defeated in the next election. So he will burn down America if necessary to save his skin. And he’s getting help from the Republicans.


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