The Stock Market Explodes Upward. Sending Trump a Message?

It’s the first Monday after Biden was announced the new president. And I can’t help but think the 1200 point boom in the DOW was a not so subtle jab at Trump. We all know the former president was fond of pointing to the stock market growth as a sign of his success. If you’ll remember the market dropped in the final days before the election. For Trump’s conspiracy theorist minded followers they might want to blame Wall St. for the defeat of the ‘great leader.’ Just putting it out there. Or maybe the markets were just sick and tired of Donald’s erratic behavior.

Trump’s Inner Circle Advise him to Concede Defeat

Melania wants to go home. Listen to your wife, Donald:

Jared wants to go home too. But he might be going to jail instead:

Santorum has been a loyal lapdog for Trump. And even he is calling for the Trumpster to step down gracefully.

Christie is basically telling Trump to stop the charade and admit defeat:

Romney is no Trump supporter but he is a U.S. Senator. And he wants Trump to give up the ghost:

Trump will always be the fraud:

Even FOX is not entertaining talk of baseless campaign fraud allegations. They’ve had it with the Trumpsters:

Trump is a Sore loser

He threatened months ago that he would not accept the result of the election if he lost. So he’s kept his promise. And he and his sycophantic minions continue the spew the delusion that Trump was somehow robbed of the election. And that somehow the courts will intervene in their behalf.

The people gather near the White House to wish Trump a “good riddance” message.

So all Trump is better lawyers to return the presidency to him.

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Prominent Trump Supporters call for Violence Against Opponents

This does not bode well. Despite Trump likely to lose this election his brownshirts will still be around to cause chaos and violence. We need to be prepared. Dark days still lie ahead:

This is absolutely insane and dangerous. Innocent are going to die because Trump’s minions are doing his bidding and inciting violence.

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Why was Trump’s Covid-19 Adviser on Russian TV?

He claims he didn’t know that RT was state controlled. So no one from the White House told you? Sounds like a lie to me. And if you are not lying then Trump’s people were derelict in not stopping you. This case only gives more reason to believe this administration is controlled by the Russians. Don’t bother denying it. It’s no longer a debate.

Dr. Scott Atlas, an adviser on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, apologized after appearing in an interview with Russian state broadcaster RT, just days before Election Day.

In his apology, Atlas claimed he was unaware RT was a registered foreign agent.

Video: FOX News Host Calls out Rudolf Giuliani to his face

It was epic. FOX is the safe haven for the Trump and minions. This time a loyal Trump deputy exposed for the fraud he is. Great stuff. It’s been a very tough couple of weeks for Rudy.

Let’s not forget Giuliani’s part in the Borat movie. No bueno.

Joe Biden has to Win Big on Tuesday to Prevent Chaos, Civil War

Joe Biden will win the presidency on November 3rd. But unless he wins by a landslide, Trump and his minions will claim fraud and attempt to keep their leader in office. The challenges will likely end being decided by the Supreme Court. That would be extremely difficult to do if Biden wins red states like Florida, Georgia and/or Texas. He has to avoid what happened in 2000. If enough Trump supporters believe the lie that The Great Leader was robbed it could lead to civil war.

Currently Biden has a strong 7.4 average polling advantage, as calculated by But more importantly the former Vice President has an advantage of 356 to 182 in the electoral college. Biden only needs 270 to win the presidency.

If the actual result is similar on Tuesday then it will be very hard for the Trump people to cry fraud.

The right-wing, with the blessing of the White House, are preparing for violence. They will anything and everything to prevent people from voting.

“Trump has signaled he won’t accept an election loss. Many of his voters agree.”

President Donald Trump has refused to say he’d accept the results of the election in the event that he loses, and in the closing days of the race, some of his supporters have taken his faulty or unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud to heart.

Infamous Right-Wingers Thank Satan for Supporting Donald Trump

Slightly misleading headline. These clueless magas were pranked into giving a shout-out to the most evil one. Even more evil than Trump:

Several well-know pro-Trump figures were duped by a prankster into thanking the Devil for supporting Trump, including former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Fox News host Tomi Lahren, former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka, and former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Trump loyalists were featured in a video supercut showing them thanking “Iblis” for his support of Trump and reminding him to make American great again. Iblis is a figure in the Quran typically synonymous with Satan.

Study: Trump Rallies are Spreading the Coronavirus

Trump should be considered ‘patient zero.’ Either by directly spreading the virus or with his downplaying of the pandemic, the liar-in-chief is to blame for the coronavirus crisis in America:

An investigation into the latest accelerated spread of coronavirus in multiple states appears to be linked to President Donald Trump’s string of campaign rallies over the last several weeks.

As coronavirus plagues states all across America, Trump continues to blatantly disregard how dangerous his campaign rallies are for his campaign staff, White House advisors and aides, and everyone who attends his political events. Now, USA Today has explained the extent of the spreads in several counties following the president’s rallies.

According to the analysis released by USA Today, case rates in at least five counties—Blue Earth, Minnesota; Lackawanna, Pennsylvania; Marathon, Wisconsin; Dauphin, Pennsylvania; and Beltrami, Minnesota—increased at a faster pace after Trump’s rallies. Collectively, these counties reported 1,500 additional new cases in the two weeks after Trump’s campaign rallies. The previous number of 8,069 jumped to 9,647 cases.

From USA Today:

As President Donald Trump jetted across the country holding campaign rallies during the past two months, he didn’t just defy state orders and federal health guidelines. He left a trail of coronavirus outbreaks in his wake.

The president has participated in nearly three dozen rallies since mid-August, all but two at airport hangars. A USA TODAY analysis shows COVID-19 cases grew at a faster rate than before after at least five of those rallies in the following counties: Blue Earth, Minnesota; Lackawanna, Pennsylvania; Marathon, Wisconsin; Dauphin, Pennsylvania; and Beltrami, Minnesota.

Together, those counties saw 1,500 more new cases in the two weeks following Trump’s rallies than the two weeks before – 9,647 cases, up from 8,069.