We Must Demand Congress Impeach Trump

Demand impeachment

The politicians are failing us once again. Robert Mueller has failed to make the case for impeachment. And Democrats want to play political games by officially taking impeachment off the table. They want to be able to run against what they believe is a weakened president. They are assuming their party will sweep the elections in 2020. We can’t base our national survival on what they believe Democrats are convinced will happen. They also thought that Hillary would beat Trump in 2016.

Therefore it is up to us, We The People, to act and demand Trump be forced from office.

There are things you can do to force politicians in Washington to do their jobs. Activism is our best hope:

There are some in government willing to speak up and out. Including those in the military who know a traitor when they see one:

Don’t agree that only Congress can save us. Only we can save us. We must demand it:


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