Ex-Murdoch Executive Says He Quit Because of Fox News ‘Relationship with Facts’

Outside of Trump, FOXNews could be the greatest threat to America. They are the voice of the rightwing. Without FOX there would be no Trump presidency:

Former Newscorp senior vice president Joseph Azam says he resigned from the company in 2017 because of a “significant change in tone,” and a “significant shift in the relationship with facts, particularly on the Fox side.”

On Sunday morning’s edition of CNN’s Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter asked Azam “What prompted you to resign in late 2017?”

Azam noted that he hadn’t worked for Fox News directly, and so “I hadn’t been exposed, for a long time to a lot of what was going on on the opinion side, but beyond that I noticed a significant change in tone.”

“I’m a big believer in the marketplace of ideas, and I was fine working with and for people who had very different values and opinions than I did,” he continued, “but I noticed a significant shift in the ferociousness, and frankly, in the relationship with facts, particularly on the Fox side.”

63% Of Americans Don’t Have Enough Savings To Cover A $500 Emergency

It’s not news that Americans are terrible at saving. We talk about it year after year after year. New to the 2016 conversation, though, is the fact that just 37% of Americans could pay for a $500 emergency using money from a savings account. The other two-thirds would have to resort to cutting their spending, charging to a credit card or borrowing from friends and family.

Source: 63% Of Americans Don’t Have Enough Savings To Cover A $500 Emergency

North Korea is playing Trump, just as it did with past presidents

Trump has a thing about being duped by dictators:

To the editor: In calling into question White House national security advisor John Bolton’stake-it-or-leave-it approach to North Korea’s nuclear disarmament, Robert Carlin ignores the commitment Kim Jong Un made in the Singapore summit joint statement, namely the “firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”

Since the Singapore summit last June, U.S. intelligence reported the continuing production of nuclear weapons materials, weapons and delivery systems. Contrary to Carlin’s presumption, Trump’s pragmatism has not proved to be superior to efforts by prior U.S. administrations nor those of South Korea and the International Atomic Energy Agency, which repeatedly negotiated nuclear elimination deals that Pyongyang violated.

Obama is now Badmouthing the Progressive Movement

The person most responsible for Trump and the GOP taking control of the government over the last several years is now badmouthing the only movement that will save the Democrats–and America. What Obama should be doing is denouncing the fascism of the GOP. But he’s not doing that. The former failed president should just shutup. Spend your time spending the millions you made from your ‘service’ in government:

Former President Obama expressed concern about the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, saying he feared it could end up undercutting allies.

Speaking at a town hall event on Saturday for the Obama Foundation in Berlin, the former president spoke about the need for compromise in politics, citing the Affordable Care Act as something that he said signified progress even though it did not achieve all of his aspirations for U.S. health care.

“One of the things I do worry about sometimes among progressives in the United States -maybe it’s true here as well – is a certain kind of rigidity where we say, ‘Uh, I’m sorry, this is how it’s going to be,’ and then we start sometimes creating what’s called a ‘circular firing squad,’ where you start shooting at your allies because one of them has strayed from purity on the issues. And when that happens, typically the overall effort and movement weakens,” he said.

Apple employee suggests he was detained by border control because of his political views

Everyday the police state gets stronger. Little by little our rights are eroding. We either fight or live in chains. Your choice:

Andreas Gal, the Apple employee involved in a controversial US Customs and Border Protection detainment, is speaking out about his experience. In an interview with ABC News, Gal elaborated on why he feels he was targeted and offered more details on the interaction.

Earlier this week, the ACLU revealed that it was filling a complaint alleging that border control officers violated the constitutional rights of Gal. The Apple employee was returning from a business trip to Sweden in November when he was detained at the San Francisco International Airport. During that detainment, border control agents allegedly demanded that Gal provide them access to his Apple-issued iPhone XS and MacBook.

Trump’s presidency has produced a small army of whistleblowers — and they’re secretly working with House Democrats

The Democrat-controlled House Oversight Committee now claims that it is secretly in contact with “dozens” of people inside and outside the Trump administration who wish to expose its wrongdoing.

House Democrats told The Atlantic that “there is a small army of whistleblowers from across the government who have been working in secret with the House Oversight Committee to report on alleged malfeasance inside the Trump administration.”

A senior aide from the panel said that there are “dozens” of whistleblowers cooperating with the committee who either currently or previously worked within Donald Trump’s administration.

Source: Raw Story

Michael Cohen finds hard drive with files he thinks Congress should see

More headaches for the Don:

Michael Cohen’s attorneys sent lawmakers a letter on Thursday, letting them know that President Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer has more information to offer.

In the letter, Lanny Davis and Michael Monico revealed that Cohen recently found a hard drive with “substantial” files on it, which might be helpful to investigators, CNN reports. In February, Cohen testified in front of lawmakers, accusing Trump of financial fraud. This came two months after he was sentenced to three years in prison for financial crimes, campaign finance violations, and lying to Congress.