Bill Clinton to DNC Chair: Keep Bernie Supporters Out of Power

This video should enlighten people as to where the Democratic Party still stands. They will not allow progressives to prevail. That is why it’s naive to believe that there can be real change within the party. In fact, Bill and Hillary falsely accuse all progressives of being socialists. This proves, once again, the Dems are under total control by big business and Wall St.

FOX News’ Howard Kurtz: Trump Team Leaked Mueller Questions

Case closed:

The White House has been rocked by many self-destructive leaks—any “idiot” can see that—but the spilling of the Robert Mueller questions is in a whole different category.

President Trump quickly denounced the leak to The New York Times as “disgraceful.” But by the paper’s own description, the leak came from the Trump side.

Say what you will about the Mueller investigation, he’s run an amazingly leak-free operation. Ken Starr’s office was practically a sieve compared to this crew.

The paper said the list of four dozen questions “was provided to The Times by a person outside Mr. Trump’s legal team.” That means—and maybe it’s just a coincidence that press-savvy Rudy Giuliani is now on the team—that one of the president’s lawyers gave the documents to someone who handed it to the Times.

Nice try, Donald. Your lies don’t work so much anymore:

Robert Mueller’s former assistant explains how grammar errors prove ‘leaked questions’ came from Trump

A former special assistant to Robert Mueller doesn’t believe for a second that the “leaked questions” came from the special counsel or that those are the questions he’ll ask.

The New York Times reported that someone outside of Trump’s legal team leaked the questions. However, Michael Zeldin, who now works as a legal analyst for CNN, told “New Day” that he doesn’t believe these questions came actually from Mueller.

Source: Robert Mueller’s former assistant explains how grammar errors prove ‘leaked questions’ came from Trump

Fired CNN host Reza Aslan: “It’s time to treat Donald Trump as an enemy of the state”

If you call yourself and American it is your duty to #resist Donald Trump. He is clearly a threat to our republic. Remember: Hitler came to power legally. And don’t count on the Democrats. They’ve done nothing to defend us from the evils of this president:

Now here comes this racist, sexist, lecherous, pathologically lying fascist who very clearly outlines for them who they can scapegoat and blame. In many ways, what Trump has done is to tap into an existential crisis of a foreboding lack of self-identity that is eating away the heart of American culture. He galvanized that support in order to launch himself into this disastrous presidency. The real issue here, the real shame of it all, isn’t those who agree with Trump’s racism and sexism, xenophobia and fear-mongering. No, the real shame of it all is those who disagree with Trump but for whom his many horrible traits were not disqualifying and ultimately those voters also felt the same way.

The villain in this story as far as history is concerned is not Donald Trump. The real villains are Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

Critics of Michelle Wolf WHCD Performance are Being Hypocritical

The Right-wing was predictably up in arms over Michelle Wolf’s torching of the Trump administration Saturday. It led to this hysterical claim:

Liz Mair, who is a strategist working on behalf of the party of Donald Trump, melted down over the smokey eyes joke, which she thought was actually a joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ weight and sexuality.

Not to be outdone there was this gem:

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said on Sunday that the White House Correspondents’ Association’s (WHCA) president should apologize to Sarah Huckabee Sanders for jokes at the White House press secretary’s expense during an event on Saturday evening.

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40% of Americans spend up to half of their income servicing debt

America is drowning in debt:

Americans are struggling to get out of the red.

Some 40% of Americans with debt are spending up to half of their monthly income paying it back. And that may not even be enough to cover how much they owe. That’s according to a study on debt Thursday released by Northwestern Mutual, a life insurance and financial services company. The polling company Harris Poll surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. adults in February 2017 on behalf of Northwestern Mutual.

The survey found that nearly half of Americans are carrying at least $25,000 in debt, with an average debt of $37,000, excluding mortgage payments. About one in 10 surveyed said their debt was more than $100,000. “It becomes an ongoing cycle and really hard to get out of, given that people are not prioritizing debt and saving for their future as the first part of their budget,” Rebekah Barsch, the vice-president of planning at Northwestern Mutual, said.

The government is even worse off. This from the Director of National Intelligence:

“The failure to address our long-term fiscal situation has increased the national debt to over $20 trillion and growing,” Coats said. “This situation is unsustainable, as I think we all know, and represents a dire threat to our economic and national security.”