‘Inhuman’ wall of razor wire on Arizona-Mexico border sparks outcry

Where is the press and the Democrats decrying this East German-style barbarity:

Officials in a small Arizona border city are decrying the installation of reels of dangerous razor wire that now cover the entirety of the tall border wall that runs through downtown.

The city council in Nogales, which sits on the border, is set to consider a proclamation on Wednesday night condemning the use of concertina wire. It follows reports that US military troops installed more horizontal layers of the wire along the downtown border fence over the weekend.

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Jussie Smollett was not Attacked. It’s a Hoax.

At the expense of being called names or receiving the usual internet hate and threats I’m going the speak the truth, even if it’s not politically correct. Obviously the press isn’t going to do it.

For starters there isn’t one shred of evidence that Smollett was attacked by anyone. There was a rumor that his ribs were cracked. Smollett said publicly at a concert that it did not happen:

“I was bruised, but my ribs were not cracked, they were not broken,” he said.

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Pentagon will deploy approximately 3,750 additional U.S. forces to provide more support at southwest border

Here we go again:

The Pentagon announced Sunday approximately 3,750 additional U.S. forces will deploy to the southwest border to provide additional support to Customs and Border Protection.

That support includes a mobile surveillance capability through the end of September 2019 as well as placing 150 miles of concertina wire between ports of entry. The Defense Department said the total active duty forces supporting CBP at the border will be approximately 4,350.

These additional units are being deployed for 90 days.

On Thursday, CNN reported approximately 3,500 additional active duty troops will be deployed to the southern border to bolster security.



Donald Trump Jr. Will Be Indicted by Mueller, Former Prosecutor Says, and Will Help to Ensnare His Father

It must happen:

Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted and used by special counsel Robert Mueller to ensnare his father President Donald Trump, a former prosecutor predicted.

During a segment on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Saturday, Paul Butler, a former Department of Justice public corruption prosecutor, and host Joy Reid discussed the latest developments in Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion between Trump’s campaign team and Moscow officials.

“Does Mueller have to indict Trump in order to put the proper coda at the end of the long symphony?” Reid asked the ex-prosecutor.

“Mueller is not going to indict Trump, because he’s going to follow the DOJ employee handbook, but he has leverage over the president in terms of Donald Trump, Jr.,” Butler explained. “We’ve seen Mueller use people’s kids to get to folks in the past. He could do this with Donald Trump, Jr.”

Manchin faces firestorm at home following Kavanaugh vote

Demand the Democratic defeat and expel a politician who betrayed his party, women, and the rule of law in America. The vote-blue-no-matter-who doctrine has to end now:

Danielle Walker cried on Joe Manchin’s shoulder after she shared her story of sexual assault in the senator’s office. She thought he listened.

The 42-year-old Morgantown woman said she was both devastated and furious when Manchin became the only Democrat in the U.S. Senate to support President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

“I feel raped all over again,” Walker told The Associated Press.

Verizon Lays Off 44,000, Transfers 2,500 More IT Jobs To Indian Outsourcer Infosys

Wasn’t Trump supposed to bring jobs back to America? It looks like the opposite is happening:

Earlier this week, Verizon confirmed that it offered a voluntary severance package (VSP) to about 44,000 employees and that it will transfer over 2,500 IT staff – some rumors suggest the figure to be closer to 5,000 employees – to India-based Infosys as part of a $700 million outsourcing deal.

The layoffs and transfers will impact more than 30% of Verizon’s 153,100-employee workforce – as of the end of June – and are part of a 4-year plan to save the largest U.S. wireless carrier $10 billion by 2021.

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