Bill Clinton to DNC Chair: Keep Bernie Supporters Out of Power

This video should enlighten people as to where the Democratic Party still stands. They will not allow progressives to prevail. That is why it’s naive to believe that there can be real change within the party. In fact, Bill and Hillary falsely accuse all progressives of being socialists. This proves, once again, the Dems are under total control by big business and Wall St.

Critics of Michelle Wolf WHCD Performance are Being Hypocritical

The Right-wing was predictably up in arms over Michelle Wolf’s torching of the Trump administration Saturday. It led to this hysterical claim:

Liz Mair, who is a strategist working on behalf of the party of Donald Trump, melted down over the smokey eyes joke, which she thought was actually a joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ weight and sexuality.

Not to be outdone there was this gem:

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said on Sunday that the White House Correspondents’ Association’s (WHCA) president should apologize to Sarah Huckabee Sanders for jokes at the White House press secretary’s expense during an event on Saturday evening.

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Pulitzer-winning Reporter David Cay Johnston: “The Evidence suggests Trump is a Traitor”

Johnston knows Trump very well as a reporter. So his views carry a lot of weight. But it should be clear at this point to everyone who has followed Russiagate closely. The evidence is overwhelming that Donald Trump is controlled by Putin. That makes him worst traitor in American history. He is sabotaging America on behalf of a foreign power. And those Republicans who defend his treason are in complicity. And those Democrats who refuse to impeach are similarly betraying their country by allowing Trump to stay in power:

Let me be very clear and quotable about this. At an absolute minimum, Donald Trump has divided loyalties, and the evidence we already have suggests that Donald Trump is a traitor. In fact, I would say that the evidence we already have, the public materials such as emails for example, strongly indicate that Donald Trump is a traitor. However, I don’t even think he understands what he’s done.

Syracuse suspends frat after shocking video shows members pledging ‘hatred in their hearts’ for ‘n*ggers’ and ‘k*kes’

Syracuse University has suspended their Theta Tau chapter after becoming aware of a graphic recording where members pretend to ejaculate onto another member on his knees while he discusses hating black people, Latinos and Jews. initially reported on the suspension of the school’s chapter of the engineering fraternity, but SU’s student newspaper, The Daily Orange posted the video which purports to show the “history” of a rival frat. “I solemnly swear to always have hatred…

Source: Syracuse suspends frat after shocking video shows members pledging ‘hatred in their hearts’ for ‘n*ggers’ and ‘k*kes’

The Trump Treason Report (4-17-18)

Trump didn’t want to expel those Russian diplomats after that country tried to murder someone on British soil using a weapon of mass destruction. Why do think that was? Sounds like a man who is controlled by Putin:

Donald Trump felt misled by aides over the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats for the Salisbury spy poisoning and pushed back on Theresa May’s demands to act, The Washington Post has reported.

The paper said the US president was left furious after discovering that Germany and France had only sent home a handful of Russians over the incident.

…The president was also said to have pushed back on Mrs May’s call for Russian expulsions after the poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

“Why are you asking me to do this?” he reportedly told the Prime Minister. “What’s Germany going to do? What about France?”

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Mosque Murderer Who Killed Six People Was ‘Obsessed’ With Trump – and the ‘Alt-Right’

Once again we see the Trump effect. There is no question the current occupant of the White House is a catalyst for racial violence worldwide:

In January of 2017 Alexandre Bissonnette killed six people and wounded 19 others in a Quebec mosque. At his sentencing hearing Monday, prosecutors revealed he was, as the Montreal Gazette describes, “obsessed” with President Donald Trump, and checked the tweets of dozens of right wing pundits, right wing news organizations, right wing websites daily, members of the “alt-right,” and Trump daily.

Bissonnette also “was reading news about the U.S. president on a daily basis,” and in addition to Trump was also “obsessed” with Muslims, Dylann Roof, mass shootings and feminists. He reportedly held far right and white nationalist views.