Mayor in Mexico tied to a truck and dragged through streets for ‘failing to fulfill campaign promises’

Maybe something likes this should happen in the states. For the social media censors, just like with Trump, I was just kidding. If you ban me you have ban Donald. Fair is fair. Just saying:

Angry farmers in Mexico abducted the mayor of their village and dragged him through the streets after claiming he went back on key campaign promises.

Police intervened to free Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández, who suffered no major injuries after the ordeal.

A group of protesters armed with clubs and rocks detained the mayor of Las Margaritas and tied him to the back of a pickup truck and dragged him through the streets, according to local news website El Heraldo de Mexico.


Extinction Rebellion movement kicks off two weeks of civil disobedience around the world

The people will not allow fascism to prevail. We will #resist everywhere. To remain silent means your demise. That is the lesson of history. Let’s support the fight to liberate the 99 percent and in that process save our planet:

Nearly a year after Extinction Rebellion launched in London, the global movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience to demand ambitious climate action kicked off two weeks of protests on Monday with demonstrations around the world that blocked major roadways and led to arrests.

“Starting on October 7th, for 2 weeks, Extinction Rebellion is calling an International Rebellion. Together, we will peacefully occupy the centers of power and shut them down until governments act on the climate and ecological emergency,” the XR movement says on its website. “Leave your desk. Invite your boss. Walk out of school. Switch off the TV. Put down your phone. Get on the streets. And bring everybody.”

Protests Outside Supreme Court Calling for Justice Kavanaugh’s Impeachment

Let’s not forget that we have a rapist sitting on the Supreme Court. He has to go along with Donald Trump:

‘Unfit to Sit’: Rallies Demand Kavanaugh Impeachment on One-Year Anniversary of Senate Confirmation:

Marking the one-year anniversary of the Senate confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a coalition of women’s rights groups led a #ReclaimTheCourt rally in Washington, D.C. Sunday to demand that House Democrats investigate and impeach the right-wing judge as reproductive freedoms are under severe threat.

“Before the court hears any one of the myriad abortion-related cases that are currently making their way through the lower courts, the public deserves to know the truth about whether Kavanaugh lied under oath, whether he committed sexual assault, and whether he really deserves to be on the Supreme Court,” the coalition wrote ahead of Sunday’s demonstration.