Video shows unarmed Black man Before he is Shot dead by Texas Deputy

The beat goes on. And no one in government is raising the alarm. Black people are being regularly executed without posing a threat to the police. In fact, cops are lying quite often the person they’ve shot:

Cellphone video of a sheriff’s deputy fatally shooting an unarmed black man shows the man wandering in a Houston street with his trousers around his ankles and continuing to approach the deputy as the officer tells him to stop.

The video, obtained by the Houston Chronicle from a civilian witness, does not show the actual shooting because a car passes in front of the cellphone camera as the Harris county deputy fires a single shot.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office says the man had an object in his hand, but no weapon was recovered at the scene.

Family members identified the man as 34-year-old Danny Ray Thomas, and said he had been devastated after two of his children were killed in 2016. The children’s mother is accused of drowning them in a bathtub.

Officers were responding to reports that a man was walking in the intersection with his pants down hitting cars as he mumbled to himself.

NJ Man Seeks Charges After Video Surfaces Of Alleged Police Brutality

Another case of cops behaving like thugs rather the public servants have sworn to be:

There are calls for criminal charges to be filed against a Camden County officer accused of police brutality.Three cops were suspended last week after video footage surfaced of what appears to be officers allegedly assaulting a man while taking him into custody.