Subway Conductor Needs Surgeries After Boxcutter Attack

The subways in NYC go from bad to worse. And the politicians fiddle while our citizens suffer.

The latest incident in strings of violent attacks on New York City subway riders and workers has left a train conductor hospitalized in critical condition and calls for the city to “do something” have grown louder in recent weeks.

Cassandra Sykes, speaking out in the video released by the transit workers union, says her nephew Girard Sykes was slashed on the J train near Fulton and Crescent Streets Wednesday night.

“It is not safe for the transit workers or the public to ride trains or buses,” Skyes said.


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Feds Say 1,475 Migrant Children Placed in Homes Are Missing

Who knows how many of those children are being abused. This is insane. Government has become totally useless:

Federal officials lost track of nearly 1,500 migrant children last year after a government agency placed the minors in the homes of adult sponsors in communities across the country, according to testimony before a Senate subcommittee Thursday.The Health and Human Services Department has a limited budget to track the welfare of vulnerable unaccompanied minors, and realized that 1,475 children could not be found after making follow-up calls to check on their safety, an agency official said.Federal officials came under fire two years ago after rolling back child protection policies meant for minors fleeing violence in Central America. In a follow-up hearing on Thursday, senators said that the agencies had failed to take full responsibility for their care and had delayed crucial reforms needed to keep them from falling into the hands of human traffickers.

Thanks to Trump the US needs to borrow almost $300 billion this Week

Only a matter of time before we have to pay the piper. Any downturn in the economy could break the camel’s back:

The United States plans to sell about $294 billion of debt, according to the Treasury Department. That’s the highest for a week since the record set during the 2008 financial crisis.

Federal revenue is declining because of President Trump’s tax cuts, so the government needs to borrow more to make ends meet. At the same time, Washington’s borrowing costs have climbed rapidly in recent months.

“The amount of debt coming on the market this week is extremely large,” said Rick Rieder, global chief investment officer of fixed income at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager.