Manchin faces firestorm at home following Kavanaugh vote

Demand the Democratic defeat and expel a politician who betrayed his party, women, and the rule of law in America. The vote-blue-no-matter-who doctrine has to end now:

Danielle Walker cried on Joe Manchin’s shoulder after she shared her story of sexual assault in the senator’s office. She thought he listened.

The 42-year-old Morgantown woman said she was both devastated and furious when Manchin became the only Democrat in the U.S. Senate to support President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

“I feel raped all over again,” Walker told The Associated Press.

How the Democrats got outplayed on Kavanaugh

This is an inexcusable failure on the part of the Democratic Party. How could they fail again after Clarence Thomas? It’s time to abandon a party that refuses to fight for women, African-Americans, and working people:

For all the chaos of the Trump White House, the GOP remains adroit at using the levers of power in our modern political system. Senate Democrats and Republicans are not even playing the same kind of game. The GOP comes to work ready for full-contact boxing while Democrats were setting up for a friendly game of checkers.