Landslide: Biden is Pulling Away from Trump

That lead gives him a comfortable advantage in the electoral college.

So all the Republicans can do is to try and steal the election. Won’t work.

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Trump is Struggling in the Battleground States

And it’s not helping that the Trump cannot convince judges of his lame anti-mail-in ballot conspiracy theory:

On the campaign trail and online, President Donald Trump is pushing debunked and unsupported claims that mail-in voting leads to widespread fraud. But in court, far from the bluster of his rallies and Twitter rants, a growing number of judges have examined the evidence he’s presented to back those claims and found it unconvincing.

But at least the Taliban have Trump’s back. BTW, these are the same people that got paid by the Putin/Kremlin to kill American soldiers. So it makes sense.

Is Senator Warren Running away with the Race?

Now with Sanders sidelined Warren benefits even further. Can only stop Warren. Outside chance: Buttigieg.

All indications is that Warren continues to skyrocket. She’s already ahead or tied in Iowa and New Hampshire. If Biden cannot win either then he is done. No matter what happens in South Carolina.

Doesn’t help his chances. Especially since he’s fading.