Elise Stefanik: Once Trump Critic now his Powerful LapDog

Stefanisk has become a powerful figure by selling her soul. She has morphed into a shameless Trump loyalist. Because if you want to get ahead within the Republican party you must show a total lack of scruples:

proving her loyalty to the dear leader by calling him president Trump

Not too long ago she was very critical of Trump:

This marks the triumph of Trump-uber-alles fealty within GOP circles. A heretic is being excommunicated and replaced by a loyalist. It’s been noted that Stefanik entered the House as a moderate and now is being anointed as a top Trumper who has fully supported Trump’s Big Lie that the election was rigged against him. But Stefanik’s Trumpification stands out because only a few years ago—well into Trump’s presidency—she was speaking critically about him on key fronts. In fact, at times Stefanik sounded practically like a Never Trumper, as she called on Trump to recognize that Russia had attacked the 2016 election to help him, urged him to release his tax returns, and assailed him for his comments about women.

…When the Access Hollywood video of Trump boasting of sexually assaulting women became public during the 2016 race, Stefanik criticized Trump, saying, “Donald Trump’s inappropriate, offensive comments are just wrong—no matter when he said them or whatever the context. I hope his apology is sincere.”

Washington Post:

Whether out of conviction, belief that it was smart politics in a purplish district, or both, Stefanik at first distanced herself from Trump. During the 2016 campaign, she criticized his convention attack on a Gold Star military family, his “inappropriate, offensive comments” on the “Access Hollywood” tape, and his statements on NATO and Vladimir Putin.

Even after Trump took office (and outpolled Stefanik in her own district), she nonetheless condemned his “rushed and overly broad” travel ban, questioned his plan to build a border wall (“I don’t think that’s realistic”), criticized his reported comments on “shithole countries” as “wrong and contrary to our American ideals,” and said it was a “mistake” to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. Co-chair of the Tuesday Group of moderate House Republicans, Stefanik voted against Trump’s signature 2017 tax cut because its limitation on deductions for state and local taxes would hurt her constituents. She described herself as “an outspoken supporter” of the investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, and lamented Trump’s “attacks on law enforcement and the Department of Justice.”


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