Subway Conductor Needs Surgeries After Boxcutter Attack

The subways in NYC go from bad to worse. And the politicians fiddle while our citizens suffer.

The latest incident in strings of violent attacks on New York City subway riders and workers has left a train conductor hospitalized in critical condition and calls for the city to “do something” have grown louder in recent weeks.

Cassandra Sykes, speaking out in the video released by the transit workers union, says her nephew Girard Sykes was slashed on the J train near Fulton and Crescent Streets Wednesday night.

“It is not safe for the transit workers or the public to ride trains or buses,” Skyes said.


The politicians squabble while Rome burns. Both the Mayor DiBlasio and Governor Cuomo are to blame for the subways being such a disaster:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday pointed the finger at Mayor Bill de Blasio for turning the subways into a rolling homeless shelter — and said the situation was worse than even during the “dangerous” 1970s.

During his second rant this week about the abysmal conditions underground, Cuomo said, “Where did we get to this point where homeless are supposed to be sleeping on subways?”

“And I reject this whole notion of people who say, ‘We should let the homeless live on subways, and we should let them live in subway stations, and we should let them sleep on benches. That’s our default homeless system,” he said.

Straphangers are definitely feeling less safe riding the subways:

Subway riders feel significantly less safe than they did six months ago.

That’s the result of a rider survey conducted last month by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The online survey got responses from about 33,000 customers.

More than 17,000 are considered “active” customers who use mass transit at roughly the same rate as they did before COVID-19.

Seventy-two percent of those “active” customers say they’re more concerned with crime and harassment than things like social distancing or mask wearing.

Of those who stopped using the subway because of the pandemic or who have used it sporadically since COVID-19 hit, 36% said they are not using it because of crime concerns.

The survey found overall service satisfaction fell to 38%.

That’s a drop of 15 percentage points from a previous poll taken six months ago.


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