Joe Biden has to Win Big on Tuesday to Prevent Chaos, Civil War

Joe Biden will win the presidency on November 3rd. But unless he wins by a landslide, Trump and his minions will claim fraud and attempt to keep their leader in office. The challenges will likely end being decided by the Supreme Court. That would be extremely difficult to do if Biden wins red states like Florida, Georgia and/or Texas. He has to avoid what happened in 2000. If enough Trump supporters believe the lie that The Great Leader was robbed it could lead to civil war.

Currently Biden has a strong 7.4 average polling advantage, as calculated by But more importantly the former Vice President has an advantage of 356 to 182 in the electoral college. Biden only needs 270 to win the presidency.

If the actual result is similar on Tuesday then it will be very hard for the Trump people to cry fraud.

The right-wing, with the blessing of the White House, are preparing for violence. They will anything and everything to prevent people from voting.

“Trump has signaled he won’t accept an election loss. Many of his voters agree.”

President Donald Trump has refused to say he’d accept the results of the election in the event that he loses, and in the closing days of the race, some of his supporters have taken his faulty or unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud to heart.


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