Look at Trump’s Eyes pop Wide Open When Biden Mentions “Cocaine”

Didn’t see this during the debate. Wow!

Is Trump a coke head? It is pretty well established fact that the The Donald snorts crushed Adderall. This might be the reason why Howard Dean (who is a medical doctor) speculated in 2016 about the presidential candidates possible cocaine use:

During the first 2016 presidential debate, social-media users and viewers noticed Donald Trump repeatedly sniffing while Hillary Clinton spoke. The mysterious nasal action moved former Democratic presidential candidate Gov. Howard Dean to ask the outlandish question of whether the Republican nominee had been using cocaine. “Notice Trump sniffing all the time,” Dean tweeted during the debate. “Coke user?”

This headline is from The SUN (9/27/20):

A COLD OR ‘TAKING COCAINE’? Donald Trump’s relentless SNIFFING drives social media wild with hilarious memes during first US Presidential debate


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