Black man led by mounted police while bound with a rope sues Texas city for $1 million

This happened in 2019 not 1919. Jim Crow is obviously not dead yet.

A Black man who was led by mounted police down a Texas street while bound with a rope last year is suing the city and its police department for $1 million, court documents show.

In August 2019, Donald Neely was arrested on criminal trespass charges in Galveston, just outside of Houston. Images and video of his arrest, during which two white police officers led him down the street handcuffed with a rope tied to their horses, sparked outrage.

The charges against Neely were dropped. But this wasn’t about justice. It was about brutalizing a black person. The cops involved won’t be punished. But the taxpayers will be since they will pay the $1 million.


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