Russia is common thread between Trump’s Ukraine and Syria problems

This article gets what the press keeps missing. The betrayal of the Kurdish people people was about doing the bidding of Putin, who controls Trump. Just like the keeping of military aid from Ukraine directly benefited the Kremlin. There are also alternate motivations that not only benefit Putin but also help Trump’s agenda. Trump thought it would help his reelection chances by withholding military funds earmarked by Congress from Ukraine, to get dirt on Biden. But it was also in the interest of Russia. Let’s also remember removing U.S. troops from Syria is exactly what Putin wants since it gives him a free hand in the region. It’s also a gift to Turkey which recently made purchases of advanced weapons systems from Moscow:

Just as the furor over Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation subsided over the summer, two new international storms engulfed the White House.

On Ukraine, President Donald Trump’s use of diplomatic pressure to damage a 2020 election rival have House Democrats poised to impeach him. On Syria, his green light for Turkey to attack American-aligned Kurdish forces has roiled Republicans, too.

The simultaneous spectacles may confuse average Americans who pay scant attention to foreign affairs. In fact, they contain a common thread.

In each case, the president has helped Vladimir Putin’s Russia, which has helped him for years with money and political support. They represent different chapters of the same story.

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