Former Fox News host Juliet Huddy says network ‘lying by omission’

This is why we need to boycott FOX News. They are lying to their audience. And that is doing great damage to our republic:

Juliet Huddy, a former host of “Fox & Friends Weekend,” said that some of the network’s biggest news shows are guilty of “lying by omission” in their reporting.

Huddy appeared on a panel for Sunday’s episode of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” where she laid out how individual Fox News anchors can craft a more flattering take on a negative story.

“It’s not so much that it’s particularly clever or that they’re particularly diabolical … they’re lying by omission,” Huddy said. “They leave out the context, they leave out facts, they spin it so that it gives just enough information, but not all of the information.”

“The information it did give out, it pushes their narrative,” she said.


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