The Secret Service Spoke Out About Trump Letting Spies Into Mar-a-Lago So Trump Fired The Director

With all good dictators, they don’t make mistakes. If there was a breach at mar-a-lago then it’s someone else who is to blame. And if that someone else complains they are removed. Eventually there will be no one else to fire. Because only Donald Trump is competent:

The Secret Service didn’t make a mistake in the Zhang case, but Trump wants a Secret Service director who will not try to keep his properties secure. Randolph Ailes is out as Secret Service Direct possibly because he wanted better security at Trump’s properties.

The Secret Service spoke out about the security issues at Mar-a-Lago and the result was Trump trashing national security to likely place one of his own loyalists in charge. Ailes was also fired because he was loyal to former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, but never underestimate the fact that competence and following the law are traits that will always be punished by Donald Trump.


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