FBI, Citibank probing Sergei Kislyak allegedly suspicious 2016 payment

Kislyak and Trump picture

Examiners at Citibank and investigators from the FBI are reportedly probing a suspiciously large December 2016 transaction from the Russian embassy to ambassador Sergei Kislyak, Buzzfeed News reported on Wednesday.

Investigators are apparently examining a check from the Russian embassy marked “payroll” for $120,000, believed to be Kislyak’s lump-sum 2016 salary, deposited in November 2016 shortly after President Donald Trump won the presidential election, according to Buzzfeed.

The $120,000 payment is more than two times the amount of Kislyak’s annual salary in the previous two years, according to financial documents reviewed by Buzzfeed. The branch manager at the Citi location Kislyak used reportedly said the payment was a salary, a claim Citibank financial examiners were unable to independently verify.

Source: FBI, Citibank probing Sergei Kislyak allegedly suspicious 2016 payment – Business Insider


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