FOX News’ Howard Kurtz: Trump Team Leaked Mueller Questions

Case closed:

The White House has been rocked by many self-destructive leaks—any “idiot” can see that—but the spilling of the Robert Mueller questions is in a whole different category.

President Trump quickly denounced the leak to The New York Times as “disgraceful.” But by the paper’s own description, the leak came from the Trump side.

Say what you will about the Mueller investigation, he’s run an amazingly leak-free operation. Ken Starr’s office was practically a sieve compared to this crew.

The paper said the list of four dozen questions “was provided to The Times by a person outside Mr. Trump’s legal team.” That means—and maybe it’s just a coincidence that press-savvy Rudy Giuliani is now on the team—that one of the president’s lawyers gave the documents to someone who handed it to the Times.

Nice try, Donald. Your lies don’t work so much anymore:

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