Unarmed Teen Killed by Police Was ‘Simply Backing His Mom’s Minivan’ Out of Garage, Lawsuit Claims

Here we have another mindless example of an innocent person being blown away for no reason whatsoever. The only difference in this case: he was white. Normally it’s a black person that is shot in cold blood. We’ve seen this too often to draw the obvious conclusion. Law enforcement in America is broken. The training of police (if there is any) is all wrong. Cops are being trained as if they are going to war. Policing is not the same. That also could be the result of police coming from military backgrounds. Whatever it is, there must be change. And is typical with government, there is no one demanding that happen:

The 17-year-old was home alone when officers were called to the red-brick house to check on him after he’d allegedly threatened to harm himself on FaceTime.

…Officer Clayton Jenison allegedly “acted recklessly and deliberately” when he shot 13 times at Albers, who may not have even known police were at his home, according to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday by his parents. The boy was “simply backing his mom’s minivan out of the family garage,” the complaint alleges.


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