White Georgia man hurls racial slurs at black teacher in terrifying road rage incident

Thanks to Trump racists feel free to engage in verbal and physical attacks. It’s now become commonplace:

A white man in Georgia was arrested after he was caught on camera going off on a profane, racist tirade against a black teacher in a shopping center parking lot.

In the video, which was posted on Facebook by teacher Terrence Stover last week, a man whom police later identified as 49-year-old Eric DeKeyser was seen hurling angry invective at Stover.

…In his Facebook post about the incident, Stover said that he believed DeKeyser was carrying a handgun in his pocket — and that he was trying to bait Stover into physically attacking him so he could then shoot him and get away with it thanks to Georgia’s “stand your ground laws.”

And then there was the vital racial assault witnessed by millions. These savages weren’t the least deterred by cameras:

The two servicewomen who were the victims of a racist and sexist attack last week have been identified.

Capt. Treasure Sharpe, 27, and Capt. Stephanie Mitchell, 34, were parking at a Cheddar’s in Macon, Georgia on April 14 when a man identified as Robbie Tucker yelled at them to ‘learn how to park!’

Inside the restaurant, Robbie came up to them again and called them ‘gay black b******’.

His mother added: ‘You were getting in our way while we tried to park.’


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