This CNBC article Reads like it was written by the White House

kudlow Google SearchCNBC has always been a conservative outlet. The new Trump chief economic advisor has been a long time host on than station. And long before there was FOX we had CNBC giving the capitalist orthodoxy for years. No room for socialists there.

This article wants to downplay the big drops in the stock market the last 2 days by arguing that the DOW is up by a substantial since Trump became president. Never mind the drop could continue next week. And it’s stands the market is the lowest since the end of November. Four months have been lost. And all because of Trump’s belligerent trade talk:

President Donald Trump has touted the strong stock market performance since he took office.

Detractors may point to the Dow Jones industrial average’s recent stumbles, but the benchmark index has much further to fall before Trump’s post-inauguration gains are gone.

“I think the stock market is gonna be great. The stock market is way up. When I came into office the stock market was from a different planet. It’s way up,” Trump said at a news conference Friday. “China is gonna end up treating us fairly.”

Then as if the point were made. The author repeat Trump’s spin:

Trump still has a big cushion. The Dow closed at 19,827.25 on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017, which means it has about 3,700 points to go before the Trump rally gains disappear.


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