Donald Trump Wants to Become President for Life Just Like Xi Jinping

Donald Trump doesn’t hide his admiration for dictators. In fact, his ‘leadership’ system is authoritarian. His lavish lifestyle is like an old European monarch. His problem is that we have a constitution that keeps getting in his way. But Trump is still a threat as long as he is power. All that it could take is a ‘terrorist attack’ or some new manufactured war. That would distract us from his endless criminality. He has already tried it repeatedly with talk of war with North Korea. There is also the threat of a Mueller firing:

The ruling Communist party in China announced that leader Xi Jinping was eliminating the two-term limit for presidency, meaning he could rule indefinitely.

The move has been criticised by liberals and pro-democracy activists who have condemned the Chinese leader for cementing his grip on control in the former dictator state.

But, according to an audio recording aired by CNN, President Trump said the concept was “great” and said to cheering supporters: “Maybe we will give that a shot.”


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