Trump in Big Trouble: Stormy Daniels has a ‘Monica Lewinsky dress’

Donald is going to have trouble explaining that one to Melania. And will Trump pull a Clinton and lie under oath about the affair?

As Stormy Daniels gets ready to “tell her story” about a night in July 2006 when she allegedly had sex with Donald Trump, she may have a way to back it up, The Blast reported.

The porn star has a “Monica Lewinsky dress,” the site said, citing sources close to Daniels. Daniels’ dress is a gold mini dress she wore during the alleged tryst in a Lake Tahoe hotel with the man who would become president.

She’s kept the dress “in pristine condition” and plans to have it forensically tested for samples of hair, skin or “anything else” that would contain DNA, reported The Blast, which also shared a photo of the dress in its report.

And Stormy is talking:

Stormy Daniels, the porn star whom President Donald Trump’s personal attorney acknowledges paying $130,000 just before Election Day, believes she is now free to discuss her alleged sexual encounter with Trump.

A manager for the adult film actress told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Daniels believes Trump’s lawyer invalidated a non-disclosure agreement by publicly discussing the payment.

And she ain’t the only one who might be talking:

A former Playboy model who claims she had an affair with Donald Trump starting in 2006 detailed for the New Yorker her experience with the future president and the system by which he and his friends kept his affairs quiet.

The model, Karen McDougal, described a legal agreement—one she willingly signed but claims she did not fully understand—that silenced her. She also spoke of the affair, which she said began just a few months after Trump’s son Barron was born, and recounted behavior similar to that of affairs he reportedly had with other women around the same time. The New Yorker report, by Ronan Farrow, cites dozens of pages of documents supporting her account.


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