Conservatives lash out at GOP spending binge

How ironic. Trump doesn’t care about deficits or debt because he’s no conservative. In fact, the New York conman made a career out of going bankrupt and being in debt. And very few Republicans–the supposed party of ‘fiscal responsibility–are speaking out because they’ve decided to hitch their wagons onto an psychotic presidency:

Deficit hawks in Congress and conservative activists who railed against President Barack Obama’s spending plans called the GOP debt explosion “dangerous,” ″immoral” and “a betrayal.”

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp warned the Republican-controlled Congress not to underestimate the impact of responsible spending for voters.

“If the Republicans in Congress don’t realize that spending control is one of the most important issues that our winning coalition cares about, if they are cavalier about spending decisions, I think we do risk our ability to go to the voters and say it matters to have us in the majority,” he said.

The conservative backlash against government spending comes at a delicate moment for Trump’s Republican Party.


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