Texas mom dies from flu after skipping on meds deemed too costly

How does a teacher in America have to choose between medication and her finances. She died because we have a healthcare system that puts profit over the well being of patients. How many Americans are dying because they don’t have access to affordable care? We can debate what kind of healthcare system we create. The problem is we don’t have the debate because pharmaceuticals have powerful lobbies that literally write the laws of this country. You and I don’t matter. The politicians are owned by the healthcare industry:

A Texas mother of two died Sunday from flu complications after reportedly deciding that the $116 medication to treat the virus was too costly.

Heather Holland, a second-grade teacher at Ikard Elementary School in Weatherford, Texas, died following complications of flu, leaving behind her husband Frank Holland and two children, a daughter, 10, and a son, 7.

She reportedly started to feel sick a week ago and was going to pick up flu medication. Her husband said she decided not to purchase the medication because she thought the $116 price tag was too high, according to the Weatherford Democrat.

It is estimated that at the minimum 45,000 Americans die each year from a lack of access to healthcare.


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